Only 10% of Singaporeans women are  prepared for retirement…

Have you planned for yours?

Do you ever feel so frustrated and burnt out at work that you wished you could just stop working and really spend time with your loved ones, doing the things you enjoy?

Unfortunately for many Singaporean women, the dream of retirement or financial freedom seems remote or perhaps even impossible. Many women nowadays are so busy and stressed out trying to juggle work and family that they hardly have time to stop and think about what they want for their future, let alone plan for it.

This is especially worrying, given women’s inherent vulnerability to financial risks.

Women in general earn less than their male counterparts and spend more time out of the workforce as they tend to give up their careers at some point to take care of their children and family.

Did you know that the average Singaporean woman typically

  • has 40% less CPF savings than the average men for retirement?
  • outlives her spouse by 10 years or more – and therefore need more money to last her retirement and
  • are more susceptible to old age diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis?

In today's world, financial ignorance is not bliss. Women cannot afford not to plan for their own finances.

It’s only with early planning and taking action will financial security, happiness and ultimately freedom be possible.

Good news is that you CAN secure your financial future and achieve your dreams with sound money management and proper financial planning. The earlier you start, the earlier you can retire with ease and peace of mind.

And planning for a sound financial future is not as difficult or overwhelming as you imagine, in fact it can be simple, fun and rewarding. Having your finances in check and taking charge of your financial destiny also makes you feel more confident and empowered!

“All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

I am a certified financial planner and my mission is to empower women financially to succeed and prosper so that they can get rich, stay rich and have all the free time to live the life they always dream of. I have helped many female clients to understand their personal finances and prepare for a sound financial future while protecting themselves and their loved ones for the present.

Two years ago, I was comfortably earning a stable income at a large corporation and blissfully 'bo-chap’ about my finances and enjoying life supported by my steady paycheck. Things were fine during the first few years but as I worked longer in the corporate world, I started to feel more and more jaded and disillusioned. I looked at my seniors who were in their 40s feeling stressed up and unhappy at work, not having enough time with their family but unable to stop working. I felt trapped, fearful and asked myself “Is this what will happen to me too?” Will I have to work for my living forever? I decided that I don't want to tread the same path. I want to have the power and choice to create my own financial future. I want to be free to live the life I want with the people I love! Since then I have left the corporate world and actively sought financial education to create my own future. I now enjoy double the freedom and income and my friends all comment on how much HAPPIER and MORE CONFIDENT I am now. Knowing that I am contributing to the financial well being of others brings me a sense of FULFILLMENT and SATISFACTION every day!

From: Yong Hui

What the Money $avvy Woman Club can do for you:

Money $avvy woman

  • Personalised Financial Planning designed for women by woman

    I understand your money needs and challenges faced as a woman. I listen to your goals and priorities to design a financial plan tailored for you instead of simply presenting a generic set of products.

  • Educational Workshops and Games on investing and financial tips

    So you can increase your financial knowledge and confidence and accelerate your learning and growth

  • Useful Resources and Tips on money management, personal finance and investing

    Save time sourcing for information and avoid getting overwhelmed with the financial terminology. Directly tap into my personal collection of relevant and useful resources

  • Women Community and Support Group

    Learn and grow with fellow women and receive encouragement and support along the journey

  • I have invested over $10k attending financial seminars and classes, read countless of books and articles over the past 3 years to acquire my financial knowledge and expertise. Having been through the path from financial ignorance and nonchalance to taking control of my own financial future, it is my wish to help other women like you to raise your confidence and ability to not only manage money and to master money to realize your financial dreams.

    You deserve to enjoy all the financial abundance, freedom and joy in life!

    Take the first step towards your financial success today and join the Money $avvy Woman Club today!

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       Yong Hui is very dedicated to her work. She is a source of inspiration and is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She has let me seen that women are capable of doing much more in their lives when they take charge of it. I now believe that women can take charge of their finances as well as men do or even better! Thank you.

    From: Sheryn Yeo